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Probe Industries, Inc. is a full service automated electronic and robotics equipment services, preventative maintenance, CNC equipment maintenance, CNC machine repairs, and other various electronic equipment repairs company located in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.

We have over 30 years of automated electronic and robotics service experience in maintaining and repairing Excellon Machines, Kennard, PDA, Pluritec, Hitachi, Mania, Klingelnberg, Advanced Controls, Trudrill, ESI, Dynamotion, ATI, and other PCB drilling and fabrication equipment, plus a wide variety of service experience on other types of automated machinery and robotics equipment used in various industries.

With our technical expertise and backgrounds in computers, electronics, mechanical hardware systems, and electro mechanical servo based machines, we can trouble shoot just about any problem and any type of machine, from industrial, new technological computer systems and everything in between.

For many of the old legacy machines we have access to parts and schematics in order to trouble shoot the problems, many times, to component level on the circuit boards.

If it is newer equipment, with schematics and test equipment, our expert technicians can figure out the problem. We also understand that many times schematics are not always available for the equipment or legacy machines, but our expert technicians can still usually get to the root of the problem.

Consider carefully when making an auction purchase. Consider having us check out the machine before making a bid. It is better to pay a little money up front, and get a quality assessment to find out if there are any major problems before you bid and buy, than it is to buy a boat anchor.

We are available to travel anywhere in the world.

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Full Service Electronic Equipment Maintenance And Repair

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Probe Industries

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We have experience on a wide variety of CNC equipment in the PCB industry including: Excellon, Kennard, Posalux, Schmoll, PDA, Pluritec, Hitachi, Mania, Klingelnberg, Advanced Controls, Trudrill, ESI, Dynamotion, ATI, Wessel, DAC, and other similar electronic machines and different types of manufacturing equipment used in various industries.