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Get your machines up and running. Be sure to read about the Excellon tips.

Is your Excellon Machine up and running, or is it down with the blues?

Well, we've got the answer for you. Probe Industries can get your machine up and running, to factory specifications, in order to drill or rout those tight tolerance PCB jobs. Whether flex, rigid, or other non circuit board related industries, Probe Industries has the experience to diagnose and repair your drilling and routing equipment.

Tolerances have gotten tighter for all PCB manufacturing. Don't make the mistake of thinking that only small hole sizes need to be drilled accurately. Even if you are not drilling 8 mil holes or smaller, the accuracy of your machine is still important for the drill position accuracies of all the hole sizes on a circuit board. Many of today's OEM customers require annular rings of 3 mils and sometimes tighter. This means that even drilled holes 1/8 inch in diameter and larger need to be positioned accurately on the panels in order for the inner and outer multi-layered circuit boards to align. Tooling and other fiducial holes must all be accurately registered for processes up and down the circuit board manufacturing line.

This is why you want to make sure your machines are maintained on a regular basis. There are an infinite number of variables that are major factors in how well your CNC machines are running. So, get your machines up and running accurately today.

Also, be sure to have those used Excellon machines checked out before buying.

Machine UpContact Probe Industries, Inc., the Excellon machine service experts.

Be sure to read what you should do and not do when operating and maintaining your Excellon. Get helpful operational tips for all your Excellon machines.

Here is a list of some of the various types and model numbers of used Excellon CNC machines that are still in operation around the world.

  • Opic III Programmers, Opic 3 A, Opic 3 B, Opic 3 C (These are optical programmers and ideal inspection machines.)
  • EX-110 Drill, EX-110 Driller/Router (Single spindle machines with CNC 6 controllers.)
  • EX-120
  • EX-132
  • EX-200 Drill, EX-200 DR (Two and three spindle machines with CNC 5 and CNC 6 controllers.)
  • XL-3 D, XL-3 DR (Three, four, and five spindle drilling and routing machines with CNC 2 and CNC 4 controllers.)
  • Mark IV, Mark-4 Drill, Mark-4 Driller/Router (Three, four, and five spindle CNC drilling and routing machines with larger table sizes as compared to the XL 3 vintage machines.)
  • XL-5 Drill, XL-5 DR (Similar to the earlier model XL-3 table sizes and spindle configurations, expect had the newer CNC-5 controllers with the General Automation 220 Computers.)
  • EX-300 D, EX-300 DR (Upgrade machines from the XL 5 models. Same footprint and table sizes. These machines have CNC 6 controllers with either an AMD CPU Computer card and AMD Memory board or on newer models has the Excellon all-in-one 512k CPU Memory combo card.)
  • Mark V, Mark-5 D, Mark-5 D/R (These machines were a step up from the Mark IV's.  Had CNC 5 and CNC 6 controllers, along with some machines retrofitted and sold with air bearing spindles, AB Westwind.)
  • Mark VI, Mark-6 D, Mark-6 D/R (These machines typically are configured with four or five spindles and were ideal for drilling and routing 18 X 24 inch panel sizes. Most of these newer vintage machines came with Westwind Air Bearing Spindles, CNC-6 controllers, and most have the TMS, Tool Management Systems, drill cassettes.)
  • Mark VII, Mark-7 Drill, Mark-7 Driller/Router (A step-up from the Mark VI machines. These machines were built with the CNC-7 controller.)
  • Concept 1, Concept 4 Machines
  • System 2000, System 2001 (Machines were built for large panel sizes and small hole drilling.  With their independent Z axis assemblies for improved precision drilling, many of these machines can be found throughout the world are still widely used today.)
  • Uniline (The Uniline machines are single spindle air bearing machines, that can be mated together, to form a line of machines typically found in the prototype circuit board manufacturing environment.)

Here is a list of some of the older legacy Excellon machines.

Mark III, Routmaster, and Xl-2 (These old legacy machines were built using the CNC-2 controller, with a General Automation computer. Very few of these machines can be found in production use today. Many were built with either rotary encoders or Heidenhain linear scales, and operated on a paper tape reader input system.)

Excellon New Machines

  • Concept 129V
  • Concept 129
  • Concept 129 D/R
  • Concept 129 Intelli-Drill
  • Excellon 689 (The Excellon 689 is built for the production environment)
  • Cobra (Hybrid laser system, featuring both UV and CO2 lasers)
  • Yamosa ie/ies (Semi-Automatic Exposure Unit)

*Note: The new Excellon drill and routing machines are built using the Excellon CNC-7 PC based controllers.

Probe Industries has a wide variety of CNC drilling and routing machines maintenance and service experience. In addition to Excellon Machines, we have worked on Kennard, PDA, Pluritec, Hitachi, Mania, Klingelnberg, Advanced Controls, Trudrill, ESI, Dynamotion, ATI, and other PCB drilling and fabrication equipment, plus a wide variety of service experience on other types of machinery and equipment used in various industries.

Probe Industries provides machine repairs, maintenance, preventative maintenance, spindle runout measurements, and equipment checkouts anywhere in the world. Contact us today.

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